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July 15, 2007

Global Art Project: "FLID - The Partition Of The World" and
by Gruppe Or-Om

If you percieve any part of the world, you have to use your senses, your phantasy and certain concepts some of which you have in your mind from beginning of your live and some of which you have learned in your society. The concepts are like scissors, cutting parts out of the Whole and creating a kind of reality. Every cut entails a kind of brutal arbitrariness and violence. The history of sciences, arts, religions, technologies, economies and social systems is a history of violent sequences of arbitrary partitions of the world culminating in the postmodern crisis of incompatible pluralities. The total world, the universe, all products of science, art, cultures and social formationsin history, presence and future will be re-divided by partitions consisting only of parts called FLID connected with an index.


At you find the Group for the Global Project. Everybody is invited to contribute this new reflexive partition by own samples of partition submitted at , using flickr for uploading the artworks or sending the picture to . If you have your picture at a flickr-account click the "Send to Group" button between the foto title and the photo. Then choose our Group: "Global Art Project: The Partition Of The World" and you're done! Which index numbers should you use in your partition? Please look for the last uploaded index numbers and continue the numeration there.
Is there a "True Partition of the World"? Look under
Here you find suggestions for the ultimate steps in the Partition of the World.


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